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If you have lost any important document recently, don't worry, you may recover it by using Office Recovery Wizard.

Office Recovery Wizard is one of those applications that allows you to recover recently erased files but it is specially deigned to recover Microsoft Office documents, no matter if they are Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access or outlook files, so its accuracy when trying to recover this kind of files is even better.

Office Recovery Wizard is very easy to use, you only have to follow the steps suggested by the wizard until you find the file you are searching for.

Choose if you will search fo the file in a certain folder or in the whole HD, besides, you can browse the documents before recovering them to know exactly if it is the one you want to recover.

It supports Windows XP and Vista and FAT and NTFS filesystems, as well as other less common ones, such as ISO9660, UDF, Ext2 and Ext3 (Linux), or Raiser.
By Álvaro Toledo

Notes:Office Recovery Wizard can recover Microsoft Office 95-2007, OpenOffice 1 and 2, and StarOffice files.

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